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Jim FitzGerald

July 9, 1923—October 26 2013

Jim FitzGerald passed away on Saturday, October 24, 2013 in the afternoon at his home in Paso Robles after two months in the hospital with pneumonia. Jim is survived by his wife, Lee Monaco-FitzGerald.  A memorial service is planned for November 23rd 2013 at the Chapel of the Roses, Atascadero, California.

For 40 years, Jim FitzGerald ensured that every NTRAK member the latest news, announcements and updates on the Ntrak organization as well as news and information about N scale in general.  For many years, Jim FitzGerald was a coordinator for the NTRAK layout at the NMRA National Convention Train Show, where many people had a chance to meet him, face-to-face.  Jim worked with his wife Lee Monaco-FitzGerald to help get T-Trak going as an alternative modular standard. Today T-Trak continues to grow and thrive as it is used at shows as well as for home layouts.

When Jim first started with NTRAK, N scale was in its infancy and a very small part of model railroading.  It was through NTRAK layouts that model railroading and specifically N scale was introduced to the public at shopping malls, hospital and museum shows as well as at train shows.  It was NTRAK that took model railroading from the private basement to the pubic venue and it was Jim FitzGerald who helped guide, organize, publicize and encourage the NTRAK clubs that sprung up across the country and around the world.

The history of NTRAK takes up the entire July/August 2013 issue and includes a brief history of Jim’s life before NTRAK.  A copy of the issue can be found at:  http://ntrak.org/Newsletter/NL-13-JAbw.pdf

Jim will be sorely missed by all.



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NTRAK Modules are tables that "C" clamp together to form large N scale train layouts at Conventions, Shopping Malls, Club Rooms, and as Home Layouts.  The basic module is two feet wide, four feet long, and 40" high.  There are adjustment bolts in the legs with an a two inch adjustment range. The three tracks are common to all modules  and the same electrical connectors are used on all modules.  This makes setting up layouts a quick job.  There are optional sizes and track locations to give a great deal of flexibility to the system. Specifications for the modules are covered in detail in the 20 page "NTRAK Module Manual" and in the 100+ page "The NTRAK Module 'How-to' Book".  These, and other books on N scale modeling are available from the NTRAK Company Store..

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