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NTRAK Application Notes, or NTRAK AppNotes for short, are documents that provide information for NTRAK modelers and operators. What kind of information? Anything related to N Scale modular railroading, specifically NTRAK.


AppNotes can cover almost any topic —layout skirting, hints for laying track, joiner track tips, layout planning, 120VAC layout wiring, assembling Powerpole connectors, using Unitrack, DCC for T-TRAK layouts, etc., etc., etc.


Available AppNotes are listed below in alphabetical order. They are PDF files. Simply click on the desired AppNote and the related PDF file will open. Note that you require Adobe reader or equivalent to open PDF files.

Write Your Own AppNote

There is often more than one way of doing something. An AppNote can show multiple ways of achieving an objective. Even if one is not exactly what you want, it may trigger your thoughts to find the way you prefer. Hopefully, that will also trigger you to write an AppNote covering “your way”.


Yes, you can write an AppNote. Please do. You don’t have to be an expert writer as your words will be edited and formatted to the AppNote format. Please write using a Microsoft Word compatible program and include your photos in the text where they should go. Your AppNote can be as long or short as needed to cover the topic. Photos are important as they can sometimes explain things better than words.

Downloadable AppNotes: