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Tuttle, OK 73089

NTRAK Officers

President: John Wallis

Secretary: Bruce Alcock

Treasurer: Peter Treuherz


Term Expires 2021

Bruce Alcock                
Steve Gillett

John Wallis                  

Term Expires 2022
Fay Chin                                       

Carlos Rodriguez Jr

Peter Treuherz   

Term Expires 2023

Phil Agur          

Steve Jackson

Paul Musselman



Neal Carnaby          

Ray Chaffee             

John Doehring           

Jean-Marc Gadoury        
Skip Hayes    

Dave Porter

Kirk Reddie          

Steve Stalnaker  

Jochen Trost     


Company Store Manager

NRail Store

C/O Neal’s N Gauge

100 West Main Street, Unit A

Staunton, IL 62088

E-Mail: orders@NRail.orgorder



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